Operable Wall Panels

Operable Wall Panels

Operable wall panels are used as room and office dividers. Allows many functions to be held concurrently, movable wall panels help you to optimize the space in the room with simple configuration.

Size is a contributing factor that stands in your way of efficiently utilizing your resources. Operable wall panels are able to actualize your dream for planned space, while giving it the capabilities of flexible, functional and expandable.

Operable Wall Panels malaysia

Why Operable Wall Panels?

high flexible operable wall


Create more room for different functions within a space when you can freely configure the wall panels according to your needs for an area – be in temporary or permanently.

operable wall optimize room space


Easily detached and turned into any shapes that you want, you now have more flexibility to arrange the layout of your room while replacing a solid wall with wall panels.

Why Choose Our Wall Panels?

premium operable wall panels

High Quality Panelling

Tested by The Germany Testing Institute, our wall panels are capable in noise reduction. These soundproof walls are perfect for private spaces such as museums or art galleries.

variety of operable wall panels

Wide Range of Options

We have a wide range of wall panels to offer to our customers based on their own needs, including real wood veneers, laminates or metallic finishes. Other materials such as wood panels, glass panels or metal panels are also available.

Flexible and Tall Panels

Flexible and Tall Panels

With limited height of 15 metres, our wall panels are ideal for rooms with high ceilings. It also can be used as a curved walls and stepped floors.


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