Accordion Door

Accordion Door

Accordion doors, best-known as folding doors are one of the trending door these days. These accordion doors are excellent room dividers and used for space management. You can always opt for trendy designs accordion doors in the middle of large centre halls, living spaces in residentials or big office spaces that require compartmentalisation. For example, homeowners prefer to use it as partitions between dining room and kitchens due to ease of access, reduce distracting noise from one room to another and improve the overall home interior design.

Great Year Wall Sdn Bhd supplies premium quality Nichibei accordion doors imported from Japan. We offer quick delivery and installation of the Nichibei accordion doors right to your doorstep. Our team are experience in consulting and provide space division with pleasing visual appearance.

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Fabric Selection

accordion door fabric selction

Quality Assurance and Customization

Ideal for Humid Climate

Our exclusive Nichibei accordion door that equipped with rails built from light-weight bronze and aluminium alloy has antibacterial properties to prevent possible damages from the humid weather.

A Wide Range of Attractive Designs

We never compromise aesthetics over functions. Stocked with more than 50 types of styles, patterns and designs, customers are definitely spoilt with choices without having to forgo the functionality of an accordion door.

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Versatile Craftsmanship & Durability

Come in two models, both ADM-O & ADE-O are made of high-quality fire resistant PVC – giving you the ultimate protection while staying at home. An optimal curve-track craftsmanship on the ADE-O category greatly helps you to optimise an irregular space.


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